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New Grain Terminal Coming to Quebec

A new C$90 million (US$70 million) grain transfer terminal is set to be built at the Port of Quebec by La Coop fédérée - the largest agri-food company in Quebec, and 24th largest such cooperative in the world.

The new facility, which will include grain storage and handling equipment near deep water docks at Anse au Foulon will have a capacity of 1.3 million tons of grain per year and is expected to help open access to new grain markets across Europe and Asia.

Work on the project is expected to be carried out in four phases, lasting until 2021. The first phase calls for the recovery and conversion of existing equipment, and installation of a grain elevator and a temporary station to receive vessels.

Phase two will see six silos built: four with 1,000 ton capacity for residues, and two with 15,000 tons capacity each for grain. During this phase a grain cleaning tower, two electrical substations, civil works, conveyors, and a permanent station for vessels will be built.

The final two phases will include two additional silos, a car reception station, and connections to silos, yard, the existing tower, and receiving station.

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