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Ancient Grain Found to Mitigate Gluten Sensitivity

Kamut International has cited a recently published study claiming that ancient khorasan wheat could be a viable alternative for people with gluten sensitivity issues.

The study examined significant differences in blood markers in 20 people who ate products made from khorasan wheat over a period of three months compared to the same number of people who consumed foods made with modern varieties of wheat. By the end of the three-month period, the study group eating khorasan-based products showed a 6 percent improvement in total cholesterol and improvements in liver health indicators.

Although not suitable for people with celiac disease who must never consume any gluten, the finding could be significant for foods catering to the five to 10 percent of Americans who want to reduce their gluten intake for reasons other than celiac disease.

Considering that wheat accounts for a quarter of the calories in the average American diet, and the fact that the popularity of whole grain foods continues to grow, these finding could represent a real opportunity for the grain-based supply chain.

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