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Zeeland Farm Service Acquires CHS Iowa Soybean Assets

Zeeland Farm Services Inc. (ZFS) has acquired soybean assets located in Iowa from CHS Inc. for an undisclosed amount. CHS had acquired the plant, which makes soybean meal, soy white flakes, soy flour, and soybean oil for food production and agriculture, in 2011 from Creston Bean Processing, and closed the site last year.

The assets in question include a shuttered soybean processing plant, a soy flour mill, a grain elevator, and non-GMO soybean inventories located in Creston, Iowa. ZFS is currently hiring new staff for the plant and plans to bring the site back online as soon as possible.

Founded by the Meeuwsen family in 1950, ZFS owns and operates the only soybean processing facility and only edible oil refinery in Michigan. The company also has a grain storage unit, and is active in feed ingredients, biofuels marketing, seeds, and exporting.

ZFS states that it will use the newly added Creston facility to produce soybean products for specialty markets.

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