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Sorghum Checkoff Says 2017 was a Year of Breakthroughs

The Sorghum Checkoff’s 2017 Annual Report labels 2017 as a year of breakthroughs for the versatile grain.

Through a partnership between the Checkoff and DuPont Pioneer, scientists discovered two sorghum haploid induced lines - a discovery that will greatly accelerate the development of sorghum hybrids. This will also give farmers the ability to obtain sorghum hybrids created with higher yields, and enhanced drought and aphid tolerance in mind.

Through a second partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife Research and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Services (ARS), early generation selections of new sorghum germplasm were also achieved.

Farmers also were successful last year in fighting the sugarcane aphid, with populations of the pest being reduced nationwide through improved management, new research gaining ground, and evolving natural enemies, states the report.

The Checkoff also noted that sorghum gained a foothold in a new market channel in aquaculture last year. A trial being conducted in Vietnam was completed showing that sorghum is an equal source of starch to corn or cassava for growth performance, fillet color, and physical traits. And similar studies are revealing that sorghum be included in pet foods, and can help improve circulating antioxidant levels and blood sugar.

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