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Indigo Ag to Supply One Million Bushels of Identity Preserved Wheat

Indigo Ag announced a partnership with Grain Craft, one of the largest flour milling companies in the U.S., to supply one million bushels of high quality, sustainably produced, and identity preserved wheat that will be milled into flour on a commercial scale for baking, foodservice, and pizza customers.

Boston-based bioagtech startup Indigo Ag identifies beneficial microbes that naturally exist within plants. The company then isolates and applies these microbes to crop seeds resulting in crops with greater resilience in the face of a range of stressors including drought, pests, and diseases, and higher productivity.

Indigo already has partnered with hundreds of U.S. farmers to grow Indigo Wheat™ for the 2018 growing season at a 43 cent per bushel premium above commodity wheat prices. After its release and initial planting in 2016, Indigo Wheat™ was shown to result in average yield increases of nearly 16 percent.

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