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Two New Herbicide-Tolerant Wheat Varieties Being Released

The Colorado Wheat Research Foundation, together with Albaugh LLC, and Limagrain Cereal Seeds LLC, have announced the release of the first two new herbicide-tolerant wheat varieties issued from the CoAXium Wheat Production System - a collaborative effort between the three partners.

The certified seeds, which will be released in the fall of 2018, will be the Incline AX and LCS Fusion AX hard red winter wheat varieties, with Incline AX being marketed under the PlainsGold brand by the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation, and the LCS Fusion AX to be marketed by Limagrain. Once on the market, the seeds will be made available to farmers in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, and parts of Oregon and Washington.

The seeds were developed using a technology platform that combines a patented herbicide-tolerant trait with an elite germplasm and herbicide brands that bring the industry’s top stewardship to the table.

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