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New Grain Drying Process Could Be Revolutionary

DryMax Solutions, a Minnesota-based agtech startup that was recently selected to participate in an AgLaunch365 accelerator program, is developing a method of drying grain using radio waves instead of heat.

The company states that its method of pushing water out of grain using radio frequency instead of heat (a process it refers to as its “forcefield”) is more economical, leaves more nutrients in the grain compared to heat drying, and can be used to reduce, mold, mildew, and pests by making a whole bin of grain “a non-living environment for living organisms”.

The system can work equally well on grain stored in bins or in a flow-through model, and has been proven to work on several types of grains and biomasses such as woodchips and alfalfa. Additionally, the company is now searching for farmers with 2,500 acres or more, or facilities interested in installation of commercial models of the grain-drying technology.

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