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FarmLead Offering New Online Grain Testing Portal

FarmLead, the fastest growing online grain marketplace, is announcing the launch of - the first online grain testing service for farmers. The service gives grain producers access to third-party validation from the top labs across the U.S. while removing the manual aspect and inefficiencies of traditional methods. Participating farmers will have 24/7 access to labs and payment processes without the paperwork and constraints of having to contact labs during business hours.

Grain testing services are more important than ever as tight conditions in the wheat market continue, with red spring wheat output down by 22 percent year on year, and durum wheat output down 47 percent compared to last year. These conditions are pushing buyers to work with farmers beyond their traditional networks to source grains of specific protein levels and quality - and for farmers, knowing the testing results of their crop is key to negotiations.

Once farmers know the quality of their grain, they can then use FarmLead’s Marketplace to contact buyers, armed with the information needed to achieve the top price for their grain.

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