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Ex Louis Dreyfus Colleagues to Launch New Trading Business

Former senior European and Black Sea traders who left Louis Dreyfus in August are reported to be planning the launch of Sierentz Global Merchants - a new trading company that will be based in Switzerland and will focus on Ukraine, according to anonymous sources.

The new company will target the exportation and importation of mainly grains, and also will be active in international trading, brokerage, and charter activities. Sources state that David Ohayon, the former head of grains for Louis Dreyfus, would be located in Geneva, while Lamprakis Lazos, former head of Ukraine and Balkans for Louis Dreyfus, will be leading the new trading company’s business in Ukraine, where he will expand the team.

It is not currently known how many former Louis Dreyfus colleagues will be joining the new company, which is expected to begin operations in early 2018.

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