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Wheat Growers, North Central Farmers Elevator Voting on Merger

Members of Wheat Growers and North Central Farmers Elevator (NCFE) are planning to vote on the question of merging the two co-operatives. The boards of the two co-ops have already voted their approval of the move.

Wheat Growers is based in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and is a leading grain and agronomy-focused co-operative with more than 5,100 active members across eastern North and South Dakota. NCFE is headquartered in Ipswich, South Dakota, and is a full-service cooperative with 22 locations that provide services for more than 2,400 members across central South Dakota and south central North Dakota.

The decision to possibly merge the two groups follows an in-depth analysis of both operations conducted two years ago, an intensification of competition on the sector, and the realization that a merger will improve the ability of both co-ops to achieve economies of scale, increase efficiency, and better adopt new technologies.

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