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Nibulon Building 10 River Terminals Across Ukraine

Ukraine’s largest grain trader, Nibulon, announced plans to build 10 river terminals on the Dnipro, Southern Buh, and other rivers across Ukraine. The company also plans to bulk up its fleet with the addition of 40 non self-propelled vessels and tugs.

The plan -- which is supported by a $90 million loan from the EBRD, a 74 million Euro facility from the European Investment Bank, a $100 million load from the International Finance Corp., and the World Bank Group -- is aiming to reduce truck traffic on Ukraine’s roads and “change the logistics map of Ukraine”.

The project is not only being viewed as a framework through which to shift commodity flows through the country, but as a revival for Ukraine’s shipbuilding industry, and a draw for more European investment.

The company’s newest transshipment terminal is located in the Kherson region and has the capacity to ship up to 300,000 tons of grain per year while eliminating 20,000 truck from Ukraine’s roadways. It also reduces transportation time between the Dnipro River and the export terminal on the Black Sea to eight hours.

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