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Explosion at Wisconsin Corn Milling Plant Kills Four

An explosion at family-owned Didion Milling’s corn milling plant in Cambria, Wisconsin that occurred on May 31 has killed a total of four employees and injured eleven more.

Although the site also has an adjacent ethanol plant which was completed in 2008, the explosion occurred in the corn milling facility, however the cause is still unknown and remains under investigation.

The corn milling plant was built in 1991 and has a 24-hour grind capacity of 14,000 bushels and storage capacity of 3.2 million bushels. The site produces corn grits, flour, meal, and pregelatinized items.

Those killed in the blast include 27-year-old mill operator, Duelle Block; 52-year-old forklift operator, Robert Goodenow; 46-year-old pack operator, Angel Reyes; and 21-year-old pack operator, Pawel Tordoff.

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