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Cargill Establishes First Palm Oil Initiative in Latin America

Cargill has partnered with Colombian trading company C. I Biocosta SA and the international non-profit Solidaridad to launch its first program in Latin America aimed at promoting responsible palm oil production.

Biocosta is a leading Colombian palm oil exporter, that works with 700 smallholders accounting for almost 50 percent of the total palm oil production in the country’s northern region.

Soldaridad has worked for 45 years to raise socially responsible, and ecologically-friendly supply chains from its 10 offices on five continents.

The two-year smallholder sustainability program will be centered in Colombia and is aiming to improve agricultural methods and the livelihoods of 480 palm farmers through the extension of training and technical assistance.

The program is designed to support Cargill’s goal of establishing a palm supply chain that is 100 percent traceable and sustainable by 2020, while also giving Colombia’s farmers greater access to global markets through the adoption of the roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s Principles and Criteria.

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