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Italgrani USA Announces Grain Milling Expansion

Italigrani USA announced the company was investing to fund a major expansion to its grain milling operations in St Louis. Built in 1987, the current durum mill has a capacity of 20,000 cwt per day and is supplied by an adjacent four million-bushel grain elevator.

Under the three-part plan, the company will expand its finished goods storage, construct a new durum mill with the capacity to process 8,000 cwt per day, and expand the company’s bagging capacity.

The finished goods tower will include 19 tanks and is scheduled to be online in the third quarter of this year. The new durum mill, which will enable Italgrani greater flexibility in the production of organic semolina and flour products, and greater capacity to produce durum fancy patent and durum extra fancy patent flour, will be located adjacent to the site’s existing mill and is expected to begin operations in the second quarter of 2018. The two mills, however, will continue to operate simultaneously, both during construction of the new mill and after its completion. The bagging facility will be located on-site and will enhance Italgrani’s efficiency while also boosting its ability to fill volume requirements for customers.

Italgrani also has an office in Minneapolis and operates three grain elevators in North Dakota.

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