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Minnesota Soybean Processors Planning $240M Soybean Processing Plant in North Dakota

Minnesota Soybean Processors and its subsidiary, North Dakota Soybean Processors, announced plans for the construction of a $240 million soybean processing plant in Spiritwood, North Dakota.

The integrated crush and refining facility will have the capacity to crush 125,000 bushels of soybeans per day, and will produce soybean meal, refined, bleached, and deodorized soybean oil, and biodiesel.

On a yearly basis, the plant is expected to produce 900,000 tons of soybean meal which will be destined for use in livestock rations by the poultry, swine, and cattle industries, and 490 million pounds of oil – of which half will be used to produce biodiesel while the other half will be food-grade soybean oil.

Upon selecting the Spiritwood site, Minnesota Soybean Processors is now able to conduct further due diligence, secure necessary approvals, and conduct a front-end engineering and design study. The cooperative has also been working with the North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission to complete a construction feasibility study.

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