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Soybean Meal Drives Profitability For Both Farmers and Soybean Processors

The driver for the market value of soybeans for farmers is meal utilization. With four times more meal per bushel of soybeans than soyoil, soymeal delivers more value per bushel despite oil being higher on a per-pound basis. The ratio of soybean meal in poultry rations has been increasing due to higher customer demand for antibiotic-free meat resulting in the reduction of animal-source proteins in feed rations. Additionally, the quality of soybean meal -- its high digestibility and essential amino acid content, particularly lysine and methionine, have added to soybean meal’s utilization and value. Another reason that gives soybean meal an edge is its quality. Soy-based feed rations consistently have better protein levels, and a higher nutrient value and energy level, which equates to having a better overall nutritional profile.

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