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Cargill, BASF Develop Breakthrough Canola to Replace Fish Oil in Feed Rations

Cargill and BASF have collaborated to develop a new breakthrough form of canola that can supply sufficient omega-3 oil to replace fish oil in aquatic feed rations.

The new plant-based alternative fish feed additive has proven to be able to totally replace fish oil in trials conducted in salmon farms in Chile indicating that it would also ease pressure on wild fish populations that are currently being used to meet the omega-3 needs of the feed industry.

Studies indicate that a lack of omega-3 fatty acids in diets is a widespread problem. However, the new canola also has the potential to enrich the nutritional content of consumer diets by making the availability of omega-3 fatty acids more affordable – a fact applauded by the American Heart Association, the Mayo Clinic, and the Harvard School of Public Health.

The new genetically engineered EPA/DHA canola, which makes long chain omega-3 fatty acids, is currently undergoing further testing and regulatory scrutiny. However, it is estimated that the enhanced canola will reach the market after 2020.

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