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DuPont Pioneer, Perdue Agribusiness Double Plenish Soybean Acreage in Mid-Atlantic States

Due to growing demand from food and industrial companies, DuPont Pioneer and Perdue Agribusiness announced plans to more than double the acreage of Pioneer brand Plenish ® high oleic soybeans in the Mid-Atlantic states of Maryland, Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and southern New Jersey for 2017.

Contracted growers will be able to deliver their beans to a participating elevator or to a designated Perdue facility for processing and will receive a premium of 0.60 cents per bushel for produced and stored beans or 0.50 cents per bushel for beans on a harvest delivery contract.

Plenish ® high oleic soybeans contain zero grams of transfats and 20 percent less saturated fat than commodity soybean oil providing the highest oxidative stability of all commercially produced soybean oil. This profile gives food companies longer fry life and less polymerized oil buildup on machinery.

Although Plenish® high oleic soybeans and their products have been granted approval by the majority of U.S. export markets, there are remaining markets where approval is pending.

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