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Glencore Launches New Feed Marketing Business in the UK

Glencore Grain, one the world’s top soybean and oilseed rape crushers, announced it will be launching a new animal feed marketing business in the UK.

Glencore, which already supplies whole grains to leading UK animal feed producers, will be developing a UK market for crush by-products in partnership with Mercury Commodities. Moving forward, the company will be able to provide high quality co-products including soybean meal and hulls to UK buyers through large scale deep water panamax ports in Portland, Dorset, and along the south coast, as well as through new import and storage facilities at Teesport.

These high-capacity import and distribution facilities will give Glencore access to the main livestock, pig, and poultry production centers in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and Humberside as well as cattle operations in Scotland. And with an established distribution network, full governance procedures in place, and an established reputation for reliable quality and delivery consistency Glencore is well positioned to add a new supply chain in the UK to its existing supply chains across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

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