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Province of Newfoundland Harvests First Ever Canola Crop

The Province of Newfoundland will see its first canola harvest from a 33 acre research plot located in Pasadena.

The field, which was seeded in InVirgo L140P was to be compared to L135C by researchers with the province’s Pynn’s Brook research station. The harvest surpasses expectations with yields of approximately 33 bushels per acre, according to provincial research specialist, Vanessa Kavanaugh. For comparison, average yields in the country’s canola producing provinces are expected by Statistics Canada to be approximately 38 bushels per acre.

Newfoundland and Labrador is the last of Canada’s provinces to seed and harvest any type of a canola crop. The undertaking is expected to determine the best “harvest and pressing procedures, establish growing practices and determine oil and meal quality potential.”

The canola from the harvest will be analyzed by scientists as part of the province’s livestock feeds research, for both meal and oil quality to determine if canola can successfully be commercially produced in the province. The meal from the crop will be taken by Pure Holsteins Ltd. – an area dairy and Holstein breeding farm, while the oil will be assessed at area restaurants according to the provincial government.

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