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Australian Market Segregation of Non-GMO Canola Yields $375M

The segregation of non-GMO canola from traditional canola in Australia’s supply chain has resulted in an additional $375 million for the industry, according to Jon Slee, president of the Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF).

Enacted by industry initiatives led by the AOF in 2007, the system of segregating non-GMO canola has proven to be quite successful. The guidelines include grain trade standards and the logistics of keeping equipment used to harvest and transport non-GMO canola separate.

“We haven’t had a single shipment rejected or held up from a breach in standards,” Mr. Slee told the Weekly Times.

Since 2010 approximately 22 million tons of canola have been exported from Australia of which 15 million was shipped to buyers that call for non-GM canola such as the EU. Such an infrastructure has enabled growers and those in the delivery supply chain to capture non-GMO premium prices estimated to be $25 per ton over traditional varieties since 2010 for a total boost of $375 million.

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