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Australia’s Grain Industry Healthier Than Five Years Ago Says New Report

The Australian grain industry is a healthier sector than it was five years ago, according to The State of the Australian Grain Industry 2016 report issued by Grain Growers.

The report notes that deregulation and exposure to international markets has been a boon for the industry with the average grain production value across the country increasing by 50% to $13.5 billion in the five years to 2015. Average grain farm incomes increased as well, according to Dr. Cheryl Kalish-Gordon, manager of trade and market access at Grain Growers.

Although grain demand for biofuel production has leveled off, demand for animal feed continues to climb due to shifts in diets in developing countries to higher protein content.

"The decade of biofuels is over, the decade of feed demand has begun,” David Jackson, head of oilseed research at LMC International told ABC.

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