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Russian Wheat Aphid Found in Australia for First Time

The Russian wheat aphid has been detected for the first time in several locations in one of Australia’s main grain growing regions, reports The Advertiser.

Wheat growers have been warned to monitor their crops as an investigation is being launched to discover the source of the pest and a program to control the pest is being determined to mitigate the potential damage to the state’s $1.6 billion grain industry.

“Grain growers in South Australia already deal with different kinds of aphids which they control through best practice crop management and agronomy,” said Grain Producers SA chairman Garry Hansen, indicating that management of the pest will be within reach.

Although it is not yet possible to predict crop losses due to the aphid, it is expected that the presence of the pest will not affect Australia’s export volumes as the pest is already widespread throughout the world’s top gran growing regions.

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