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Russia Expecting Largest Grain Harvest on Record

Russia is expected to have the largest ever grain harvest, according to Moscow-based market research firm ProZerno, after spring rains and the warmest winter on record, reports by Bloomberg.

Russia’s total grain harvest is expected to reach 109.3 million tons, surpassing the previous record set in 2008 of 108.2 million tons. And although the country’s wheat crop is forecast to decline, a 14 million ton gain for the country’s corn crop will likely offset any low output. Russia’s barley crop is also expected to see a marginal increase, climbing from 17.5 million tons last year to 18 million tons this season.

The wheat harvest this year is expected to be 63.3 million tons, marking it as the second largest on record after the 2008 harvest of 63.8 million tons. Last year’s wheat crop was 61.8 million tons.

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