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Sorghum Gets a Collaborative Sorghum Investment Program

The Sorghum Checkoff, Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission, and Kansas State University (KSU) have entered into a collaborative agreement to create the research and marketing program, Collaborative Sorghum Investment Program.

The program is designed to address the Sorghum Checkoff goal to increase producer profitability and promote the sorghum industry. The three main goals of the program include:

  • Increase the average national sorghum yield from 61.95 bushels per acre to 100 bushels per acre by 2025 by operating through the Center for Soughum Improvement at KSU and by fundinga variety of research initiatives

  • Foster marketing initiatives geared at developing markets and other factors including driving domestic food usage, livestock feeding, ethanol production, and specialty product manufacturing capable of increasing demand to 1.25 million bushels of sorghum by 2025

  • Work toward decreasing the trade discount of sorghum to corn from 4.6% to 2% by 2025

Funding for the program will consist of a $2 million investment by the Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission, a $2 million contribution from the Sorghum Checkoff, and an $800,000 investment from KSU for total funding of $4.8 million. The capital will be used to hire a managing director for the program, the funding of center activities and research funding, and to build the Center for Sorghum Improvement Excellence Fund.

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