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Some Midwest Grain Elevators Refusing Dicamba-Tolerant Soybeans

Dicamba-tolerant soybeans, including the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend trait, are scheduled to be commercially available this spring, however, some Midwest grain elevators are warning farmers that they will reject the soybeans since the variety has not yet been approved by the European Union (EU), according to DTN.

The EU has granted its approval for the single events in Roundup Ready 2 Extend soybeans, Monsanto spokesman, John Combest told DTN. However, the company awaits the approval for the stacked soybean, which it expects to come through “in the immediate future”.

Major global players including Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer were mainly concerned with gaining China’s approval for the trait, which occurred in February of this year, however a delay in approval from the EU could pose a major roadblock for the product. Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has indicated that company policy dictates that it will not accept grain adn oilseeds containign GE traits that do not have approval from major export markets. Illinois-based Alliance Grain and Grainland Cooperative also expressed they woudl not accept the the soybeans prior to EU approval.

The EU accounts for an important share of the US soybean export market, responsible for 8% of U.S. soybean exports and 14% of U.S. soymeal exports in 2013/14, 9% of soybean exports and 10% of meal exports in 2014/15, and 10% of soybean exports and 6% of meal exports so far this year.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has yet to give its approval to a Dicamba herbicide that can be used in conjunction with the trait, giving farmers another serious consideration when planning their planting for the season. Although John Combest states that Monsanto is optimistic that the EPA will give its approval for the required herbicide in time for post-emergence applications this season.

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