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Maritime Shipper Ocean Express Begins Grain Trading

The Egyptian shipping company, Ocean Express will begin trading grain this year and will assume the management of grain trading at the country’s Daqahleya port, reports Daily News Egypt.

The company has constructed two grain silos at the port with storage capacity of 50,000 tons to support its new initiative, and has forged an agreement with Egyptian grain trading company, Al-Waihda for the importation and distribution of grain through the site, Ocean Express shipping adviser, Ali Al-Hayes told the Daily News.

To date the company has received six shipments and has traded 200,000 tons of grain since it began trading activity earlier this year, with an ultimate target of trading a volume of 1 million tons by the end of 2016. With expansion in mind, the company has also asked for new storage yard access from the Daqahleya port authority.

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