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Dow AgroSciences Launches High Protein Canola Meal

Dow AgroSciences has announced the release of ProPound – a new high protein canola meal that will open up alternative feed options for swine and poultry producers and increase market outlets for canola growers.

Developed through conventional plant breeding techniques for maximum protein content, ProPound boasts 44% protein content, notably higher than soybean meal or conventional canola meal which has a protein content of approximately 37%.

“ProPound, with the higher protein and lower fibre content, gives swine and poultry producers a new, cost-effective alternative to soybean meal, without sacrificing animal performance,” says David Dzisiak, Commercial Leader for Grains & Oils at Dow AgroSciences in a company statement. “It really offers immediate cost savings by reducing swine and poultry feed rations for producers.”

The Canola Council of Canada predicts that the country’s canola output will increase by 50% by 2025 – making the release of ProPound providential, as growers will need additional markets for the increased production.

“ProPound represents a step change in the quality of canola meal,” says Dave Hickling, former Canola Council of Canada VP and third-party consultant to Dow AgroSciences. “It will take canola meal from being a moderately used ingredient in swine and poultry feeds up to an ingredient that is very widely used at high inclusion levels. That’s what’s needed to develop canola meal into a truly competitive substitute to soybean meal.”

ProPound will initially be available on a limited basis to turkey and hog producers this autumn, and beginning in 2017, RoundUp Ready® and Clearfield ® Nexera ™ hybrids with ProPound will become more widely available to support market expansion.

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