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AgSpring Announces Management-Led Recapitalization

Grain, oilseed, specialty crop, and food ingredient player, AgSpring, has announced it has completed a management-led recapitalization, according to a recent company statement.

The recapitalization which was achieved in partnership with the American Infrastructure MLP Funds (AIM) and institutional investors, will support AgSpring in its expansionary pursuits, giving the company a solid footing from which to achieve capital improvements.

Founded in 2012 in partnership with NGP Global Agribusiness Partners (NGP), AgSpring has successfully created an integrated portfolio of eight companies over the past three years.

The agricultural midstream sector in which AgSpring operates, which includes the originating, handling, processing and logistics of grains, oilseeds, feed, and specialty crops remains fragmented, under-funded, and in need of modernization. With this recapitalization, AgSpring will be able to further diversify and expand its operations, positioning itself to be a vehicle of growth for companies in the sector that are looking to increase their competitiveness and create value.

“We believe in an approach that is not only smart from an investor perspective, but also matches the desires and expectations of the farmer and local operator. We strive to upgrade the infrastructure for growth but maintain the reliable, proven local presence and people,” said President Brad Clark in a recent press release.

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