• By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

Bunge Accepting Grain at New Australian Storage Facilities

Extending its reach into Australia’s Great Southern grain region, Bunge is now accepting grain at two new storage facilities in Kukerin and Arthur River for the first time this season.

This season marks the third season in Western Australia for Bunbury-based Bunge, which is a key rival to CBH Group, the main grain handler in the state, and which just announced the cutting of $25 million from its balance sheet in order to remain competitive in the grain space.

Deliveries to the newly opened facilities have begun about ten days early this season due to dry conditions, and local farmers are responding positively to the added storage options, according to Christopher Tyson, Bunge WA regional manager.

The Kukerin facility will accept feed barley, malt barley and food barley, and all grades of wheat, while the Arthur River facility will be accepting feel barley, malt barley, food barley, all grades of wheat and non-GMO canola.

Bunge is expecting to export more than 500,000 tons of grain this season from Australia, with the bulk of the grain shipped from the Bunbury Port going to South East Asian markets that do not accept GM canola. However, Mr. Tyson states, “But we may expand in the future.”

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