• By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

ASA Applauds EU Vote to Reject GMO Opt-Out Proposal

The American Soybean Association (ASA) applauds the overwhelming vote by the European Parliament to reject a proposal that would allow individual EU member states to opt-out of producing, importing or using genetically modified foods for non-scientific reasons.

“This is a much-needed action today by the European Parliament,” said ASA President and Texas farmer, Wade Cowan. “ASA has repeatedly called on the EU to make science-based decisions on the issue of biotechnology, and we are very happy to see the Europeans do so this morning...One of the unifying principles of the EU is to provide a single market, both within Europe and as a partner in in global commerce...Enabling each of its 28 member states to go rogue on GMO acceptance, based on societal or political concerns, is hardly a unifying strategy for success.”

The EU Parliament has directed the European Commission to draft a new proposal for consideration, however, Mr. Cowan suggest that the EU employ its parliamentary procedures to accelerate the approval of new biotech products instead of re-addressing the proposal through a new approach.

“Soybean farmers welcome today’s news as we look to expand our European markets for animal feed, edible oils, biodiesel and bio-based products. Europe is a top-five market for American soybeans, and we looking forward to further expanding our trade relationship,” said Mr. Cowan.

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