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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

DuPont Launches Campaign to Close the Canola Production Gap Between Australia and Other Countries

DuPont Pioneer is launching a campaign to close the yield gap between canola production in Australia and that in Canada, the EU, and China.

"What's behind the closing the yield gap campaign is the fact there's a serious yield gap between Australian canola yields versus our Canadian counterparts, as well as our competitors in Europe,” said Clint Rogers, canola product and agronomy manager for DuPont Pioneer.

Due to a higher adoption rate of hybrid technologies in Australia’s rival exporting countries, the yield gap has continued to grow over the past decade, making Australian canola less globally competitive.

Today, Canadian, European, and Chinese canola yields are approximately 400 kilograms per hectare higher than those achieved in Australia, due to those countries approaching 90% to 100% hybrid adoption.

"If growers make an investment in hybrids they need to give it every chance of producing its optimal yield, by using the right rotation, knowing where canola fits in their rotation, and using the correct management techniques, whether that be using fungicides, herbicides or insecticides," Mr. Rogers said. "It's also about making sure the plant is receiving optimum nutrition."

To help close this gap, DuPont Pioneer is developing its new Optimum GLY herbicide-tolerant canola that will offer a wider window for application than Roundup Ready technologies. Although still in development, it is scheduled to be ready for commercialization within a few years. The company also has a number of non-GM products in the pipeline including products with a focus on sclerotinia resistance, shattering tolerance, and heat and drought tolerance.

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