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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

French Wheat Output Estimate Raised Again, Widening Margin of Record Production

Winter-sown crops in France have benefitted from an optimal growing season, leading the French agriculture ministry to raise its estimate for the country’s bumper wheat crop once again, widening the margin by which the country will set a record for wheat production.

Spring-sown crops have not fared quite as well, however, and the official estimate for corn production was cut again due to high summer temperatures and insufficient rainfall. The estimate for corn output was lowered by 400,000 tons to 13.3 million tons, marking a year on year decrease in production of 28%.

The estimate for soft wheat production was raised by 200,000 tons from last month’s estimate to a record 41 million tons – a year on year increase of 9%, with this year’s harvest being so large that it is already in danger of overwhelming the country’s grain infrastructure and forcing the closing of silos.

France’s farm ministry also raised its estimate for overall EU wheat production to 145.9 million tons from a previous estimate of 143.2 million tons last week. Although increased, this estimate still indicates soft wheat output that is down 2.7% from last year’s record production, due to lower output in both Germany and Poland from a result of a lack of rain in June and July, and a decline in output in Romania of 26%.

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