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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

New Conventional Soybean Offers Superior Yields and High Protein

Demand throughout feed markets for conventional soybeans that offer high protein levels is increasing, and the Natural Soybean and Grain Alliance (NSGA) has lofty hopes for a new conventional soybean, UA 5814HP, which will be commercially available this fall.

Also known as Ashlock HP5A by the NSGA, UA 5814HP is a hardy soybean variety developed to provide high seed yield and high protein levels, to meet the needs of the high-end poultry industry.

Developed by soybean breeder, Dr. Pengyin Chen with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, this conventional variety offers growers a low cost seed option that offers high protein content, no yield drag, and the potential to fetch premium prices, according to Dr. Chen.

“The protein level averages 5% better than other commodity soybeans and yield is very competitive with the leading commercial MG 5 varieties. Hopefully, we’ll have 10,000 acres planted next year with acreage expected to increase over time,” he says.

Ashlock HP5A was named by the NSGA in honor of Dr. Lanny Ashlock, known throughout the Mid-South as “Mr. Soybean”, and who was recently been inducted into the Arkansas Agriculture Hall of Fame. Working with soybeans since 1960, Mr. Ashlock was a specialist with the University of Arkansas and was key in raising soybean yields in the state through the adoption of early-maturing varieties.

“Dr. Chen provides so many options for our growers and this variety has so much potential for the agriculture industry as a great fit for livestock, particularly poultry producers. It’s very humbling to have my name attached to this soybean and truly a tremendous honor," says Dr. Ashlock.

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