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The Impact of El Niño and Other Weather Trends on Global Ag [PODCAST]

Perhaps no industry is as deeply affected by uncontrollable factors as much as agriculture is affected by weather and climate. As El Niño weather conditions take shape around the world, questions around the impact on regional and global ag grow. In a recent conversation with Oilseed & Grain News’ Sarah Day Levesque, Dr. Corey Cherr, Head of Agriculture and Weather Research and Forecasts, Lanworth, Thomson Reuters, addresses the impending El Niño and the critical relationship between weather and agriculture.

Cherr discusses the most important weather-related topics affecting the industry today, including the expected impacts of El Niño on global agriculture, and the oilseed and grains sector in particular. He goes on to explain the weather patterns currently seen in origination markets, such as Brazil, as a result of climate change, and how these trends can affect supply and demand when combined with weather shifts caused by an El Niño or a La Niña. He also explains why an El Niño may not spell relief for the California drought.

Tune in to hear about this, to learn why an El Niño may not spell relief for the California drought and to hear why Dr.Cherr says the most interesting ag-related weather factor that will affect supply and demand is probably the one that hasn’t been seen yet.


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