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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

Skyland Grain Announces $18 Million in Facility Upgrades

Skyland Grain, the joint venture between Cairo Cooperative Equity Exchange, Johnson Cooperative Grain Co., Syracuse Cooperative Exchange, and ADM Grain Co., has announced an investment of more than $18 million for upgrades and new equipment at its western and south-central Kansas facilities.

The upgrades include two new 500,000 bushel grain bunkers at its Cunningham and Calista locations that will be operational by the 2015 harvest, and a new chemical warehouse and 7,500 tons liquid fertilizer storage facility in Cunningham that will be operational by the spring of 2016. Additional upgrades include three new scale houses in Cairo, a new dry air flow spreader at Penalosa, and high speed legs at all new sites.

By the 2016 wheat harvest, Cunningham, Calista, and the Cairo region will also receive new grain bins, which will have a capacity of 750,000 bushels, 1.2 million bushels, and 500,000 bushels respectively. In its western division serving southwest Kansas and Colorado, Skyland installed three new 600,000 bushel bunkers at Johnson, Big Bow, and Vilas that will be operations this fall. The bunker at Johnson is in addition to the $4 million, 12,500 ton dry fertilizer plant built at the site earlier this year.

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