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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

Dow AgroScience Launches New Corn Herbicide

Dow AgroSceience has announced that pending regulatory approvals, it is launching a new residual corn herbicide, formerly known as GF-3471, to be named Resicore. Registration for the new herbicide is expected in 2016.

Utilizing the active ingredients, acetochlor, mesotrione, and clopyralid - three nonglyphosate and nonatrazine forms of action, Resicore will help growers control herbicide resistant weeds throughout the growing season with flexible application timings from the pre-plant to post-emergence phases of the growing season.

In 2014 testing, Resicore displayed a 97% efficacy rate of control in many common weeds of the U.S. Midwest such as waterhemp, marestail, giant ragweed, and Palmer amaranth.

By implementing a weed control program that rotates modes of action and uses herbicides with residual control, growers can combat heavy weed pressure in corn fields more effectively,” says Luke Peters, corn herbicide product manager for Dow AgroScience.

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