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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

Cargill Launches First Traceable North American High Oleic Canola Supply Chain

Under its Knowing Your Roots: From Farm to Table program, beginning October 1, Cargill will be mapping the first traceable North American high oleic canola oil supply chain.

Because Cargill is the only major high oleic canola oil supplier while also being a seed company, the group is in the position to be able to guide consumers and customers through every step of the supply chain – from seed development to the farms that grow them, to processing and packaging, to foodservice and manufacturers who use the oil, to the end user or consumer.

“Understanding where food comes from is a priority for consumers,” said Kristine Sanschagrin, marketing manager of Cargill Specialty Seeds & Oils. “This initiative offers our customers the opportunity to tell that story.”

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