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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

Cargill Investing to Continue Expansion in Alberta, Minnesota

Cargill invested $16 million in 2011 to significantly increase storage capacity at its Alberta, Minnesota site with the addition of six steel bins, and to integrate other upgrades engineered to reduce unloading times for farmers delivering crops. Now, Cargill has announced it is investing a further $4 million to expand its agronomy services including crop input, seed, and fertilizer services at the facility.

Once the project is complete, the site will have a 20,000 square foot, full-service, one-stop agronomy center instead of shared storage space in various buildings for liquid and dry fertilizer, crop protection products, and seeds. The facility will be located on the same property as Cargill’s grain elevator at the site along the BNSF rail line.

The agronomy center will include two load out bays, an automated weighing system, and space to unload 10 railcars of product, which will allow it to help support Cargill’s agronomy services at its Gluek, Benson, and Pipestone sites as well.

“I think the project can be summed up by convenience, more product capabilities and more efficiency for our farmer customers,” said Kevin Spors, agronomy sales leader for the Northwest region of Cargill AgHorizons U.S. in a recent company press release. “We will have all of this plus our professional agronomy staff to help farmers manage their business.”

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