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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

Volac and Wilmar Partner to Create Global Animal Feed Fats Business

UK-based Volac International and Singapore-based Wilmar International are forming a joint venture group for the global development and marketing of their added value animal feed fats.

Believing that sustainably sourced feed fats will be key in future livestock nutrition, the two groups plan to integrate Volac’s nutritional reputation, global brand, and sales network with Wilmar’s raw material logistic capabilities and scale to produce and market an expanded range of feed fat products under the “MEGA” brand name.

The joint venture will supply the dairy farming industry with nutritional expertise and feed fats that are ethically and responsibly sourced through a ‘leading sustainability approach’ providing value and sustainability through highly efficient operations.

David Neville, Volac Animal Nutrition managing director said “The joint venture with Wilmar will supply sustainable and traceable fat nutrition ingredients, which will help improve the productivity of livestock production across world markets.”

This partnership will give Volac the ability to expand its product offerings and will give the group ‘unprecedented market potential’ through the capacity to sell its products on a global scale. In addition to wider, global sales prospects, the venture will enable Volac to expand its focus beyond the dairy industry to poultry and pig feeds according to Andy Richardson, Head of Corporate Affairs at Volac.

Looking ahead, Richardson adds, “We will see an increase in global meat demand as Eastern markets adapt to more Western behaviours, however, that growth will be from Eastern and developing markets. What happens to Western meat consumption remains to be seen.”

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