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  • By Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Global AgInvesting Media

Timely Rains Bring $1B Payout to Western Australia’s Grain Farmers

Timely, heavy rains falling across Western Australia this past week, brought up to 120 millimeters (4.72 inches) to the bulk of the region’s grain belt.

The rains fell at a crucial time, just as the region’s grain crops were beginning to be stressed from a dry beginning to the winter, prompting analysts to label the event a ‘game changer’ for Western Australia’s grain production complex.

WA Farmers Federation senior vice president, Tony York states that the rain event brings the crop back on track for an average crop. Meanwhile, other analysts are stating that the effects of the rain will be enormous – creating the ‘very good potential’ that this season’s grain crop can equal the record output of 2013 and resulting in an additional $1 billion for grain growers.

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