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AgriCharts Launches Online Marketplace for Grain Buyers and Farmers

AgriCharts, a division of Inc., announced the launch of – a free online marketplace that is available through any desktop, smartphone or tablet, that enables farmers to connect with grain elevators in North America through a map interface or a zip code look-up system, and gives them the ability to view local grain bids. Farmers can then electronically send grain elevators offers to sell their corn, soybeans or wheat, while also being able to check futures prices and weather. The platform also integrates with AgriChart’s Grain Offer System, which allows grain elevators to monitor grain offers received from their clients.

Acting as a complete online grain marketing tool, is built upon Amazon’s Web Services’ cloud infrastructure, ensuring a platform that is both reliable and scalable to reach farmers across all of the U.S and Canada.

“The physical grain marketplace is highly fragmented,” says Eero Pikat, President of Barchart, “and will work to change that by centralizing where farmers can connect with grain elevators.”

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