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Mushroom Mycelium Could Create Value-Added Opportunities in Grains Sector

Denver-based MycoTechnology is working with grain companies to explore how its MycoSmooth process using the roots, or mycelium of mushrooms, can reduce or eliminate gluten, lower wheat’s glycemic index, and increase its fiber and nutritional content.

Until now, MycoTechnology’s MycoSmooth processing has been mostly used to remove bitterness in foods such as coffee and cocoa, but as sales of breakfast cereals and packaged baked goods are steadily declining, companies are looking to other methods to create value-added options to spark consumers’ interest.

Through the MycoSmooth process, mushroom mycelium are sprayed onto the wheat as a liquid culture. During the fermentation process, 99.9998% of the total gluten content of the wheat is eliminated and the grain is enhanced with protein, beta-glucan, and chitin, a form of fiber.

While milling companies are conducting their own comparative studies between conventional wheat flour against wheat flour processed using the MycoSmooth technology, MycoTechnology’s trials on its process have indicated a 40% increase in overall protein content, which helps to lower the wheat’s glycemic load and creates a sense of satiety in the consumer.

Because the mycelium remain present in the final food product, foods made using the process will need to include ‘mushroom mycelium’ in their ingredients list.

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