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Soybean Industry Gets $250,000 from Ottawa to Expand Industry

The Canadian government is allocating an investment of $225,000 for scientists with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to collaborate with the Canadian Soybean Association toward raising the quality and competitiveness of Canadian soybeans on global markets.

A key goal of this research initiative is to evaluate Canadian soybeans and narrow the field to the best varieties for the production of soymilk for Asian markets, which the Canadian government calls a “massive consumer market” valued in 2014 at $880 million.

Essex Conservative MP, Jeff Watson states in a media release, "This investment will help ensure the long-term prosperity of the sector through the use of innovative technologies by helping exporters, producers and soybean breeders select the best soybeans that meet consumer and market demands."

Soybean production in Canada is quickly expanding. Canadian soybean acreage has grown from approximately 800 acres in 1996 to 5.5 million acres in 2014, making soybeans the country’s fourth largest crop by planted area, according to Soy Canada.

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