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Emerald Grain Acquires SQP Grain

Emerald Grain announced April 1 that it has acquired the remaining 55% of shares in SQP Grain from the SQP Co-Operative Ltd. and private shareholders, giving Emerald full ownership of the company.

SQP Co-Operative formed SQP Grain in partnership with Emerald in 2007, running as a successful joint venture in Victoria, Australia for the past eight years. When SQP was formed prior to deregulation of the industry, farmers in Victoria were at a disadvantage due to the lack of possible grain marketing choices. SQP’s goal was to offer farmers another choice for bringing their grain to market. In the ensuing years, the company has bought over 4 million tons of grain from regional farmers, and has opened offices in Ballarat, Horsham, and Moama.

Under Emerald’s new full ownership, SQP’s focus will be on grower service, and all SQP offices will remain open. SQP Grain Managing Director, Ben Fleay will oversee Emerald’s accumulation strategy across Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia.

In January Emerald Grain also purchased the remaining shares in Southern Ag Grain – its New South Wales grain accumulation business, and has recently allocated A$3 million toward upgrading its facilities at its Melbourne Port Terminal.

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