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Cargill Launches First Mini Mill in Zambia

In support of the Zambian government’s goal of encouraging the building of small, local, mini grain mills in rural locations to reduce the cost of food and develop the country’s agriculture sector, Cargill has announced the building of its first $2 million mini mill in Chapata in the country’s Eastern province.

The mill will have the capacity to produce two tons per hour, producing high quality white and roller maize meal for the domestic market, which will include Cargill’s own in-house brand, giving local smallholder farmers a reliable market for their maize, and providing competitively priced mealie meal for consumers.

The government hopes that bringing these mini mills into rural areas will not only help ensure food security and lower the retail cost of food but will also create employment opportunities and offer skilled training to workers.

Cargill has been active in Zambia since 2006 and plans to build additional mini mills in rural locations throughout the country’s Eastern and Muchinga provinces within the next few years as part of the company’s commitment to Zambia’s economic growth.

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