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Brazil Cracks Down on Protesting Truckers After Violence

The Brazilian government has sent in troops and police are arresting protesters after demonstrations by striking truckers turned violent and continue to hamper deliveries of food and commodities. The two week long protest has slowed grain deliveries, caused meat plants to close down production and is beginning to cause bare shelves in grocery stores, as nationwide, 46 road blockades remain in place as of this past weekend, after talks between the government and protesters made no progress.

The country’s main grain exporting port of Santos is still operating normally, but protesters are moving into the region signaling that blockades may resume. Brazil’s number two port of Paranagua reports dwindling grain supplies, and can only guarantee loading stock through March 3, and the country’s number three port of Rio Grande is receiving only half of its usual amount of soybeans and corn for this time of year, but states it has supplies for a few more days.

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