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Event Partnership

HighQuest Partners, parent company of Unconventional Ag, engages in partnerships with relevant business and industry publications, associations and sector organizations for each of its agriculture conferences. These partnerships provide an opportunity for each party to secure free promotion and advertising in the form of trades. Generally, our partnerships run for a minimum of three months preceding each conference.


Please contact Belinda Harter at or 781-883-5377 about partnerships. 

Nashville image
WIA Logo Image
Nashville | Sept. 26-28, 2023
UA Summit 2023 Image
The Future of Sustainable Sourcing
Dallas| Dec. 12-13, 2023

Suggested Event Partnership Trades

Our request for an event partnership could include the following trades: 

  • Place your logo on the relevant conference website as an event partner, including a 100-word description of your business and a hyperlink to your website.

  • Place your logo/company name on promotional emails to prospective attendees, pre-and post-conference (up to 55,000 subscribers for each email sent).

  • Place your logo on marketing materials, including the mobile app and onsite signage; and support your social media.

There are other options such as ads, discounts to the conferences, booth space (where applicable), social media postings, etc. available for trade, depending on items received. In return for the above promotional opportunities for your business, HighQuest Partners would ask that you: 

  • List our event(s) in your online calendar listings, including a hyperlink to our event and a description if possible.

  • Place a web banner (you provide size requirements and placement) on your site about our event(s).

  • Post our news releases on your site (if you have a press section).

  • Promote, including sending VIP invitations if appropriate, our conference to your membership/readership list prior to the event. This could be a print ad, an email blast, or another promotional option at your suggestion.

  • Distribute information (program flyer) at relevant events your company may host/participate in.

We recognize that each organization is different, and welcome other partnership trades that work best for your business. Please contact Belinda Harter to discuss.

For more information, please contact

Belinda Harter, Business Development

+1 (781) 883-5377

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